Happy Life

Friday, January 27, 2006

These are the some instances of my life.........................

It all started with a small boy holding result in his hand.He think that the result was too good but he dont know mind of his family behind it.His family was very happy before him,but the truth was being seen in there eyes.There eyes was filled with water but still there is smile on there face,they know that we are happy because he is happy.

But the boy has a abilty to read the eyes of his parents,he knew that the smile on his parents face is virtual...... And a boy moods goes off.The boy was gone to a place where he can cry and think of himself.On that day he was very upset with the things happen with him.

After that day he takes a decision to make things availble to him at with hard work and high talent.He takes an admission in an society............. and after it his life changes as quick as seconds of the clock...... The people to which he meet give him a light of success and make him to realize him that who is he and what his identity.These are the people who give him moral support at every instance of his life.The boy teach many things from them and tell him how to live life.This are the people who bring freshness in his life like a green grass.

And a small word to this PEOPLE is FRIENDS

Friends are the person which u have to find,friends r not find easily,they are just like a Diamond which have to find from a deep mine with having a dust on it.You have to just clean the dust on it and after it u will find a stone glittering with his great power,this glitter will not get lost when u r in dark.

This is how i express friend in my life,how will u